When you say the words “fly fishing in Louisiana” most people who know a thing or two immediately think “bull redfish in Venice in the fall.” That is absolutely true, but redfish season is year-round in Louisiana and our diverse fishery offers a variety of exciting options.

If your vacation days just don’t seem to line up with what you thought was prime time, rest assured the hundreds of coastal miles of Louisiana south of New Orleans offers exciting options no matter the season.

Summer Saltwater Flyfishing in South Louisiana


Summer brings redfish magic to Venice with giant fish creeping through the lakes and ponds.

But wait! The ocean water moves in and it’s a quick boat ride to the seam where the green meets the blue and the strange and beautiful Mahi-mahi are swimming around under seagrass with flying fish.


Fall fly fishing in Venice is a bountiful season.

Large Bull Redfish sense the coming winter and bite accordingly. Weather patterns this time of year play an expected role, but Captain Paul understands these patterns and knows the ponds, beaches, and bays that the big reds love.

Fall Fly Fishing in South Louisiana
Winter Saltwater Fly Fishing in South Louisiana


Wintertime on the west side is as bountiful as the Venice fall.

Behemoth redfish and black drum come in search of some warmer water inshore and there are days we don’t go minutes without seeing something we’d like to get our hands on.


Springtime is island time.

Schools of redfish gather along the outskirts of the Chandeliers, and Jack Crevalle come screaming down the flats in the early morning hours, tearing through rafts of blacktop sharks.

Fly fishing in Louisiana during the Spring